Cool Audio Productions

Cool Audio Productions was established by me, Michael L Stokes, in 2009 to support my work recording, mixing and mastering audio dramas, podcasts, audio books and my own musical compositions.

I have produced several award-winning audio theater productions including the 2011 Parsec winning serial audio drama HG World and the 2014 Mark Time Silver Award winner - Alone In The Dark.

In 2014 I began focusing more of my time and energy into the world of music beyond my original compositions and have begun recording and mixing music for other artists. 

Cool Audio Productions is a small home studio that has grown over the years. Our current setup includes a custom built vocal booth, designed specifically for vocals and voice-over recording and a digital audio workstation. Our recording gear includes analog microphones from Shure (SM7b, SM57), Cascade (FatHead II, V57, M39's),  and Audio Technica (AT-2020) into pre-amps from Focusrite (Saffire Pro 40) and Warm Audio (Tone Beast) into a Dell XPS 8700 and mixed on Yamaha near-field monitors (HS5 & HS8).

All mixing and mastering is performed digitally using Reaper and Harrison MixBus featuring plugins from Waves, Native Instruments, Izotope, IK Multimedia, Stillwell Audio and DDMF.